Here the tales of my trip in Finland, I decided to write them in English, I don’t know why… but since I have to speak English here maybe it is better not to change the language!

Why Finland?


Well, because here they have one of the best Education System in the World! Then because Nature is beautiful and finally because of the Northern Light!

But let’s start with my “new hometown”now. That red spot in the middle of the map below is my place: Pieksämäki, a little and peaceful town in Central Finland. As many Finns can tell you about Pieksämäki, there is a Train Station (a very famous one), and from here you can easily reach most of the main landmarks of the Country, so even if it is not a big one, Pieksämäki is well bounded to other cities. It’s the perfect place if you like natural landscape and if you don’t mind to travel.


How did I arrive in Finland? Easy to say, I’m taking part into an EVS Project in a School with Special Needs students. If you don’t know what EVS is you can click here  and get some information. If you are Italian also this link it’s fine I think! Last but not least, you can also visit the website of Maailmanvaihto organization (the one in charge of my project) to get more information about volunteering here in Finland.

If you want to know more, just click the links below!

Chapter 1 – Arrival in Finland

Chapter 2 – I’m here

Chapter 3 – Silver lining?

Chapter 4 – Learning new things

Chapter 5 – The school where I am

Chapters 6, 7, 8 – A lot happened

Chapter 9 – Winter clothes

Chapter 10 – Living with the EVS pocket money