Chapter 9 – Winter clothes

Photo from Paolo (L'illuminato)

Yes, you can see a smile on my face! Yes, you can smile in Finnish Winter!

But believe me, if you don’t dress properly it’s hard to be happy when you are outside.

Ok, let’s put few premises before continuing: I’m Italian (and in Italy it’s warm most of the time), I spent just one winter in Finland and I really like snow and outdoor activities. So now you can judge my statements considering these hints I gave you.

The goal of this post is to make you understand that Finnish Winter is not so bad. You can survive it! Trust me! Even if you come from the South of Europe and you think that at -25 degrees no life is possible.

Actually, Finnish Winter can be very fascinating.

When comes the snow, everything is white and it’s awesome! You can have a walk on the frozen lake, go out for skiing or ice fishing, or you can just built a snowman!

My trick (not really a secret) is to dress with many layers of clothes. You can also find very good jackets nowadays that are meant for the cold winter, but they are really expensive and I still prefer to have many layers, since it’s easier to “fix your status” if you feel too much hot.

You can put double gloves when it’s very cold, and of course two pairs of socks! Then, let me tell you this: tights under your pants make the difference!

Of course, you can choose how to dress according to the way you usually deal with cold and low temperature. But pleas, don’t start to wear your winter clothes in September, otherwise you won’t know what to do next.

Anyway, it’s not always that cold. This Winter we had few days at -25/-30 degrees, but just few days. And if you wear properly and you put your “snowpants”, you’ll be fine!

Generally, remember always to check the forecast before going out. And if it’s cold, remember also that you will need time to dress up. So, if you have an appointment, make sure to consider 10 to 15 minutes more in order to get dressed! I was always late at the beginning of the Winter, because I have never considered before the fact that you could need more than 30 seconds to put the jacket and leave your apartment. Of course “Paese che vai, usanza che trovi” (Different country, different habits).


Chapters 6, 7, 8 – A lot happened

Well, I didn’t write anything in a while!

Sorry, I have been busy and that’s a good thing actually for me. I told before sometime can be a kind of boring as a volunteer abroad, especially if you live in a small town (like me). But after the first weeks (or months) if you don’t give up, it is possible to meet interesting people and hang out with someone.

I am not going to tell you all the things I did in these months. Otherwise it’s going to be very boring for you guys.  I can show you just some pictures!

Though, I realized that it could be more useful for people to know how to deal with some practical issues here in Finland.

Tips for future volunteers will be the topic of my blog from now on.

I’ll start with winter clothes! Catch you in the next post!