Chapter 4 – Learning new things

I am back and I proudly survived the autumn break week here in the School, alone!

Well, actually not completely alone! I shared the dormitory with two students from Tanzania. Two guys who are going to be teachers soon in their own country and who were here to learn about the Finnish education programme for Special Needs Students. It was nice to know about Tanzania e and talk about their studies and about their opinion on Education. It had also been a productive week for me, since I wrote the introduction to my final project for my Master in Psychology. Now I’m waiting for the comment of my supervisor.

During that week the School was closed so I  volunteered in the place where asylum seekers from Asia and Africa live here in Pieksämäki. They are young and full of energies. It’s not sure for them to have a future in Finland (or in Europe), most of them are still waiting for the response of the European institutions about their refugees status. Meanwhile they can attend classes of Finnish language and now, after few months, they can speak a very good Finnish.  I really hope the best for them!

While I’m writing outside is snowing. It’s getting colder here, no more positive numbers in our thermometer. Yesterday walking by the lake we noticed that it was already frozen. And it’s the first time I can see a lake this big frozen!

Frozen lake in Pieksamaki

Yes, it’s finally true, Winter is really coming! The Sun goes down around 15.30 and at 17.00 practically is night. But thanks to the snow is still quite clear even without the Sun! That’s great! I really hope that there will be snow in Winter, to contrast the darkness!

So almost three months are passed since my arrival in Finland and I start feeling more like home. I have my daily routine and even if sometime is not so exciting It’s easier now to find something to do. Indeed the tasks as volunteer are not so many… I really like to work in the morning, during classes! But in the evening can be quite boring!

I’m going to tell you about my work later!

Bye for now.